Current Students 


  1. Chelsey Edge, PhD (4th year)
  2. Sadman Sakib Enan, PhD (4th year)
  3. Michael Fulton, PhD (5th year)
  4. Jungseok Hong, PhD (5th year)
  5. Jiawei Mo, PhD (5th year)
  6. Corey Knutson, PhD (1st year)
  7. Demetrious Kutzke (1st year)


  1. Elsa Forberger (Computer Science)
  2. Mitra Kian (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)
  3. Cory Ohnsted (Computer Science)
  4. Safiya Anwar (Computer Science)
  5. Benjamin Withey (Computer Science)
  6. Sanjana Pattanaik (Computer Science)
  7. Aditya Prabhu (Computer Science)
  8. Marcus Rana (Computer Science)

Past Students

University of Minnesota

  1. Md Jahidul Islam, PhD (Graduated May 2021, joined Bosch Research LLC)
  2. Andrea Walker, MSc (Graduated May 2021, joined Honeywell)
  3. Santhosh Alladi, MSc (Graduated Spring 2020: joined Amazon)
  4. Jack Perisich, MSc (Graduated Spring 2020)
  5. Pallavi Mitra, MSc (Graduated Summer 2020: joined as Computer Vision Engineer at Sentera, MN)
  6. Liyao Lu, Data Sciences MSc (Graduated Summer 2018: joined Walmart Labs, CA)
  7. Yi-Chun Lu, Data Sciences MSc (Graduated Summer 2019: joined Qualcomm, CA)
  8. Cameron Fabbri, Computer Science MSc (Graduated Summer 2018, now at 3M AI Labs, MN)
  9. Noah Seichter, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science, Graduated Summer 2018)
  10. Julian Lagman, Undergraduate RA (Biomedical Engineering, Graduated Summer 2018, joined Abbot Laboratories)
  11. Mustaf Ahmed, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science)
  12. Hannah Dubois, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science)
  13. Marc Ho, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science; joined Optum, MN)
  14. Elliott Imhoff, Undergraduate RA (Physics/Computer Science; joined Sentera)
  15. Youya Xia, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science, started PhD at Cornell, Fall 2019)
  16. Hunter Bashaw Undergraduate RA (Computer Science, Clarkson University, NSF REU)
  17. Berik Kallevig, Undergraduate RA (Mechanical Engineering)
  18. Corey Knutson, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science, UoM Duluth)
  19. Peigen Luo, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science; MS at Carnegie Mellon, Fall 2020)
  20. Yuyang Xiao, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science)
  21. Emma Petersen, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science, PhD in University of Chicago from Fall 2020)
  22. Keara Berlin, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science, Macalester College, NSF REU Summer 2020)
  23. Mazzin Khidir, Undergraduate RA (Mechanical Engineering)
  24. Muntaqim Mehtaz, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science)
  25. Cole Wyeth, Undergraduate RA (Physics and Computer Science, now MS in Math at the UoM)
  26. Tanmay Agarwal, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science, at Sentera)
  27. Kimberly Barthelemy, Undergraduate RA (Aerospace, at Collins Aerospace)
  28. Christopher Morse, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science, now PhD student at University of Virginia),
  29. Kevin Orpen, Undergraduate RA (Aerospace, at Collins Aerospace)
  30. Ruobing Wang, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science, now MS at Carnegie Mellon),
  31. Christopher Walaszek, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science)
  32. Nyle Siddiqui, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, NSF REU Summer 2020)
  33. Izzy Hurley, Undergraduate RA (Computer Science, Colby College (Maine) , NSF REU Summer 2020)

Undergraduate Research Supervision -- Clarkson University

  1. Michael Fulton -- Vision-based lane departure warning system. SURE talk slides.
  2. Cameron Fabbri -- intuitive information exchange in human-robot dialog. Finished April 2015. SURE Poster
  3. Dominic DeMarco -- Multimodal human activity recognition from smartphone sensors for distributed human-robot collaboration. Finished April 2015. Project Report.

Master's collaboration -- The University of British Columbia

  1. Pouria TalebiFard -- A risk assessment infrastructure for a powered wheelchair with limited sensing. Msc [email protected] Libraries.
  2. Vignesh Sankaranarayanan. Towards a time-lapse prediction system for cricket matches. MSc [email protected] Libraries.

Undergraduate Thesis Supervision -- The University of British Columbia

  1. Mark Grimson - Enhanced-MultiMaster -- A Unified Software Framework for Distributed Human-Robot Interaction. Co-supervision with Professor James Little. Undergraduate Thesis.